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The registration process normally takes one week; you will be notified via email when your child/children can start the BASC Program.

Yes registration is required each year as pertinent information may have changed.

YES the ez-eft information is not saved from year to year

Yes but your child must check in to BASC prior to going to the club and also upon returning.

YES. You MUST call your BASC site separately from the school so we know not to expect your child on that day. This does NOT apply to the before school program, Please note, do not call the BASC main office about absences, call your child’s BASC site. Only call the BASC office for administrative purposes.

Yes, homework is a part of the after school program. We will provide ample homework time and limited assistance but we will not check each child’s homework.

Yes, we start the PM program whatever time school dismisses. This does NOTE apply to weather-related closings. This would be for teacher in-service days, etc.

Check with your site – it varies, but generally 90 minutes to two hours after our regularly scheduled opening time.

NO. If school closed due to weather or other dangerous conditions the PM program will not operate.

We will be closed if school closes early for bad weather. If school remains open until the end of the day we will be open BUT if the weather worsens you may be contacted to come (or to send an emergency escort contact) to pick up your child.

Please arrange that with your site. If there is a switch that results in your child coming the same number of days a week we will allow it once or twice but not if it becomes excessive. Then you should inquire about our Flex day schedule. If you need to permanently change your child’s schedule, please call the BASC office about that.

We will allow this one time, but if it happens repeatedly you will be charged per minute. Also, if you do not arrive after a reasonable amount of time the BASC staff will call someone on your emergency escort list to pick up your child.